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  March '03

Tulip Clock

by Sue
Tulip Clock stained

 April '03


by Sandy's Stained Glass

Horse stained glass

Internation Curly Horse Organization logo

 May '03

Nouveau Lilies

by GIGI's Art

Victorian Tulips

Custom stained glass pattern by
Paned Expressions

 June '03


by Linda

sunflowers stained glass

 July '03


by De Ann

                  symbol stained glass

Japanese symbol for prosperity and the color green has the same meaning.

 August '03


by Bernie

time stained glass

 September '03

Fish tank

by Rob

fish tank stained

 October '03


by horiken01

tiger stained glass

 November '03


by Lavender

                  stained glass

 December '03


by nigHtOWL

chipmunk stained

January '04



texas stained
                  glass pattern

February '04

Green Man

by Glass Addict

green man
                  stained glass

March '04

Stained Glass Bass

by Ms Tilly Girl's Passion

bass stained

 April '04

Kitchen Backsplash

by OnshoreLibra611

backsplash mosaic stained glass

 May '04

Rocking Horse

by clodi

rocking horse
                  3-d stained glass

 June '04

Cher Mosaics

cher mosaic
                  stained glass

July '04

Reef Fish

by debyroo

reef fish stained

 August '04

Crash Bird

by hockeymom

crash bird mosaic
                  stained glass

glass on glass mosaic

 September '04

D'après Mucha

by Les vitraux du Mimiche

mucha stained glass

Vitrail réalisé à partir d'une affiche d'Alphonse MUCHA

 October '04

Stained Glass Awning

stained glass

November '04


moonfish hot


Combination of fused "HOT" glass and traditional stained glass.

 December '04

Beach Girl

beach girl
                  stained glass

"Beach Girl"

Special effects include plating and decorative soldering.

 January '05

Maggie's Bass

by Beamer

Bass stained glass

February '05

Faberge Egg

by Tiffyas

faberge egg stained

856 parts!

March '05

Hummingbird Lamp

by glass addict

hummingbird stained glass lamp

16" hexagon shade

Lamp design by
Down East Stained Glass.

April '05

Apple Orchard

by Margo's projects

Apple Orchard
                  stained glass

Beautiful apple display for cabinets.

 May '05

Thongs stepping stone

by GA Peach

Thongs stained glass
                  stepping stone

Glass on concrete paver. Direct method, Weldbond adhesive, buttercream polyblend grout, outline of thongs painted with acrylic dark brown paint. Sealed with Tile Lab sealer.

 June '05

Frog Fountain

by Tam's Projects

                  Fountain stained glass

This was my first real project. I had a lot of fun doing this. This is just a side view of the fountain... :o)

 July '05

Lighthouse Mosaic

by stainglass

Lighthouse Mosaic

Approximately 20,000 pieces of glass make up this fine art mosaic.

 August '05

Celtic Ring & Rose

by GlassNut

                  Ring & Rose stained glass

Anniversary Gift. Celtic weave from wedding rings.
Colors from wedding and one piece background. 14"

 September '05

"Coke" Ring Saw Fun!

by GlassNut

"Coke" Ring
                  Saw stained glass

One piece red background. The 8"x12" pattern was from a 1970's case of Coke.

 October '05

Harley Window

by Haudenschild Glass

Harley stained
                  glass Window

Taz the carver & Steve the glass guy.

 November '05 & Best of 2005!

Child of My Heart

by LSUOUmom

Inspired by a photo taken 33 years ago
of mom and 9 month old son.
(now a Major in the USAF!)

December '05

Cardinal Window

by Butler, S

stained glass

A modified version of a Glass Patterns Quarterly pattern.

January '06

Plate Window

by GlassNut

Plate stained glass Window

A new definition of a plate window?

Actual glass plate is used as centerpiece of stained glass window.

 February '06

Bottom's Up

by GlassNut

coke bottles
                  stained glass

Real Coke bottles used in stained glass window.

 March '06

Wurlitizer Jukebox

By: glazzman40

stained glass jukebox

 April '06

"Ship in Full Sail"

By: Darryl Trelise

stained glass tall ship

Artist comments...
Made for myself.

May '06

"Saint Anthony of Lisbon"

By: Mima964

 stained glass

 June '06

"Mermaid Wish"

By: Darryl's Projects

stained glass

  July '06

Stained Glass Table Lamp
"avi kiriaty tribut"

By: galicams tiffany

stained glass
                  table lamp

 August '06

The Flowers all Dance in Heaven

By: LSUOUmom

Artist comments...
My mom kept coming to mind, and her love for flowers when I made this. She passed away at the end of December, and I wish she could have seen this one.......would have made her happy, I think.

  September '06

"Papalot Butterfly Panel"

By: Lillian's Spot

                    glass butterfly

Artist comments...
Butterfly in Nahuatl (Aztec dialect)


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